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Nordstrom Improves Shopping Expertise with SMS

Since its establishment in 1901, Nordstrom’s appearance to business has been to give outstanding customer assistance, variety, class, and value. Its constant ambition to surpass customers’ expectations has been hugely prosperous—the company now boasts nearly 300 stores and 17,000 workers.
Among technology quickly developing, Nordstrom customers’ expectations of assistance grew best onward with those improvements. Each company realized that its customers’ recognition concerning service continued increasing and needed to produce positive it could give those different expectations.


“We needed to get away to do ready to connect by customers confidentially and securely, however still give this personalized assistance they aspired,” replied JB Brown, senior director of mobile app performance at Nordstrom.


An excellent pair: SMS & MMS

Entirely committed to winning a clarification that would ultimately equal its consumers’ purchasing demands and choices, the company attempted out customer feedback about everything would earn their buying exercise actively. What Nordstrom saw signified that a whole third from their customers preferred texting as their central message stream.


Recognizing that customers preferred drafting via text, Nordstrom utilized to SMS.


Nordstrom developed NEXT, a set that allows customers to test their reps secretly if people require help or should demand. The application instructions enable customers to shop among their rep through this comfort of a text message—from anywhere people are.
Beside NEXT, sellers can help customers of ideals guests they have passed to await for, future effects that people strength require to attend, or even post photos of stock if any customer continues looking to something different.


As Nordstrom, a group that consistently centered on maximizing each client’s reality, mobile signifies growing more critical daily. Every firm proposes to proceed to improve in mobile relationships among clients, providing them a trusted, reliable, including personalized buying expertise that order advise them to shop at Nordstrom regularly.