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Best USA Virtual Phone Number Providers

So you’re looking for a great Hong Kong number provider for your business. Since you found this post, you probably already have an idea of what you’re looking for – and what you’re trying to avoid. Maybe you have charged premium pricing for a VoIP number service that doesn’t deliver.

Maybe you’ve tried cheap forwarding alternatives that offer  low rates and realize that the poor voice quality and  calls weren’t worth it.

Hong Kong Number either way, we assume you want a reliable US virtual number provider that delivers consistent call quality, flexible business features, and takes care of your needs for the most reasonable price possible.

We want that for you too. However,that’s why we made your search easier by compiling a list of some of the best Hong Kong number virtual phone number providers in the market today.However, every company on this list has been around for a meaningful period and proven they can handle a range of VoIP service needs.

Sure, we’re confident that  virtual number services deliver exceptional value at the most competitive rates. But there are plenty of great options out there and we want you to feel like you made a well-informed decision no matter which service you choose.

Types of US Virtual Numbers

A USA virtual number is a VoIP phone number that forwards calls from the US ,Canada or Hong Kong number to one or more physical phone lines via VoIP (voice over internet protocol). They are also refer to as VoIP numbers or forwarding numbers. However,there are two types of virtual business numbers use in the US: toll free and local.

US Toll Free Numbers (USA 800): The most common type of business phone number that allows callers to reach you without being charged. Today, most USA 800 numbers have an 833, 844, 855, 866, 877 or 888 dial-code. Most providers charge extra for “true 800” numbers with the original 1-800 dial-code. For more information.

USA DID Number (Local)

If you’ve never heard of a DID number, this is just a local virtual phone number typically  to a specific city or town. However, pick the area you would like to establish a local presence in and you can set up a DID number with that city’s dial-code.

However, Most local virtual numbers in the US will be the same price no matter which dial-code you choose, with the exception of  210 area code numbers (New York).

However,these premium numbers are highly sought after and are regularly sold for over $5,000 on some websites.Similarly, start at $43.99. Check here for more information

Now, let’s look at 6 of the best USA virtual number alternatives (in no particular order).

Interested in Trying a US Virtual Number Plan Risk-Free?

Choose any US virtual phone number from the online shopping cart and try out VoIP service features risk-free. However,there are no setup costs, minimum contracts, or cancellation fees.


Kall8 was establish as an all-in-one business phone service in 1996. However, in addition to cloud PBX services and virtual phone numbers in the USA, the company offers forwarding numbers from over 60 countries worldwide. Kall8 maintains headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

Kall8 Pricing: US Virtual Numbers

Kall8’s US virtual phone number plans is charge per-minute As you read this list, you’ll notice that most providers offer you bund call packages base on how much call volume you expect. However,types of packages tend.

After that, result in a lower price-per-minute, especially if you expect more call traffic. Be sure to factor in the amount of talk time included with each package as you compare each provider’s plan.

M800 VoIP Service Features 

M800’s VoIP number plans include standard call forwarding features and call reporting.It is not immediately clear what exactly is include with a standard number plans as they have a custom pricing model for most services.

However, you can quickly purchase basic toll free or local number packages in the cart, the company requires that you contact them for a custom quote for more advanced service plans.

Call Hippo

After that, CallHippo is the youngest provider feature on this list. Established in 2016, the company maintains headquarters in southern California. While they  were around long enough to be consider an establish provide, they offer competitive pricing and a clean interface for small business users.

CallHippo VoIP Service Features

After that, CallHippo charges separately for your number, talk time, and service features package. Their Secondly,features package is a nice option for solo entrepreneurs or small businesses that want to test their service. Other feature plans at $10 per month. However,Features available include:


In 2007 Phone.com was establish in Newark, New Jersey.Firstly, they emphasize their US service, the company also provides virtual numbers around the world. According to their profile, the company “provides voice over internet protocol phone services for entrepreneurs, home offices, small businesses, and individuals.”

Secondly,they are one of the few providers that also sell physical desk phones from their website.

Choosing the Best USA VoIP Number Plan for You

As you search for your US virtual phone number provider Firstly,we hope our comparison proves useful to you. If you find what you were looking for, send us feedback and let us know how we can improve the information!

And be sure to check back with us regularly as we add new VoIP providers to this post and create new articles with the top services we see in other countries.

Interested in Getting US Virtual Phone Numbers 

If you’re interest in  services, let us know! Get a US virtual phone number today and gain instant access to:

  • 30 days risk-free trial
  • 15 days of free call recording, with extended plans available
  • Unlimited global call conferencing with up to 500 participants
  • Zero setup fees, minimum contracts, or cancellation charges
  • Multiple layers of fail-over routing backed by a global infrastructure
  • 24/7 technical support via office locations around the world
  • 20+ more VoIP service features at no extra cost!

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