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Desktop Virtualization : Secure Access Any Device

The new scheduled reports for ring companies provide you with the flexibility to schedule and automatically send ring institution reviews. Generate reports for any user-specified timezone. Deliver the report through email as Virtual Office Analytics Reports email address.

Email the record as regularly because the consumer desires – each day, weekly, month-to-month, first day of the week, or the first day of the month and extra, for any date variety as much as the first day of the preceding month. To access the brand new scheduled record for ring organisations: Click the header menu next to your call. From the drop-down list, choose Schedule Report Emails (New). Virtual Office Analytics Reports a new document. In the drop-down menu for Report, choose Group Summary or Group Member Summary.

Introducing  Virtual Office Analytics Reviews

Wish to song key metrics consisting of a total variety of calls, spoke back calls, overlooked calls, abandoned requires each ring organisation? Basically, the organisation precis file gives you the precis of all of your ring agencies, one row for each ring institution. You can now get the dashboard facts by way of e-mail attachments.

However, wish to track the performance of your ring group contributors? Schedule a hoop organisation member precis report to recognise the number of calls spoke back employing each ring group member, their general speak 916 area code time, and greater.

Schedule a Group Summary Document

Let’s say, Bob, a Sales supervisor, wants to get day by day replaces about the call activity of his ring institution individuals to tune the group’s overall performance. However, Bob can see time table a ring organisation member precis report for this precise ring organisation and set it to an everyday frequency. If Bob supervises three-ring organisations, he can get targeted metrics for each ring group member throughout all ring organisations. If Robin is a member of all these ring agencies, Bob can take a look at Robin’s performance in each ring organisation one after the other.

In this launch, Analytics for Work introduces an API for ring agencies. The Ring Group API gives both ring group summaries and member summaries. Additionally, an updated model of Call Detail Records API is to be had to allow you to get admission to call information via name legs or call information. Also, we’ve added the capability to acquire name information for all PBXs for maximum APIs beneath a single customer in the equal API name. Company Summary, Extension Summary and Call Detail Records now assist the usage of the all boxes price.


Enhanced Usability of Column Selector

If your organisation needs to create your very own custom dashboards or integrate records without delay with your CRM, you could leverage our APIs for Analytics for Work. For documentation, click on here. For extra records and an API Key, please reach out to your representative.

Basically, access call data in scheduled name element reports. In an in the advance release, we delivered the capability of offering call element facts as call data or call legs. Learn more. In this launch, you may time table to obtain name details data with call data or name legs.

 Virtual Office Analytics Reports Announcement

The column selector lets in you to customise the records to view or download to your reports. However, known as Customise Table, this feature is now stronger and is to be had for all of your reports. Select the columns you desire to view, conceal, or lock. Locking a column disables hiding the column facts. Some columns are locked using the default to present you the context of the document.

For instance, in a hoop institution precis report, the hoop group extension variety is vital to the record. You can also order the columns based totally in your business needs through without a doubt dragging and dropping them.

Release Improvements

Legacy Scheduled Reports: As of May 10, we’ve discontinued our legacy Schedule Reports function. However, the characteristic will stay to be had within the product for the subsequent  60 days. To allow clients to each assessment their discontinued schedules and download any antique reviews from the archive.

However, scheduled Report Emails aid identical reviews as the legacy version: Call Detail Records. Extension Summary and Company Summary, and now additionally consists of Ring Group Summary reviews. Improved Virtual Office Analytics Reports usability in Call Detail Records. You can now view name details information with name leg data or call document facts via the alternatives inside the easy drop-down menu. The revel in is now simplified with the drop-down menu.

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