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Virtual Office Online Opening

End-of-life and end-of-support announcements. Be on the lookout for which versions of the Virtual Office desktop app and computer operating systems are to be deprecated soon. The content in this guide refers to versions 6.9 and older of the Virtual Office desktop app. If you’re using a version higher than 6.9, see our content for version 7.0 and onward! Virtual Office Online Opening App.

End-of-life for past application versions

To give you access to the latest improvements and features, we deprecate older versions of the Virtual Office desktop app. To ensure the best user experience. After that, we recommend that you open an update prompt by logging out (or exiting and reopening the app) or see this Support page to download the latest version of the app.

After that, for version retirement dates and details on the end-of-life process, see this Support page. Depending on when your version of the Virtual Office desktop app reaches its end-of-life date, you receive a different message upon opening the app. If your version’s end-of-life date is two weeks or fewer away, you see a banner notification that indicates the upcoming end-of-life date. Basically, your version has just reached its end-of-life date, you see a notification that you have up to a week remaining to continue using your current version.

Virtual Office Online Opening App

If your version reached end-of-life more than a week ago, you are no longer able to use your current version of the app, and must upgrade. The following operating systems will be deprecated for upcoming versions of the Virtual Office desktop app; we will continue to answer Support questions for users on these operating systems, but we will not test on these operating systems or address bugs specific to them. Virtual Office Online Opening App.

Basically, press the Return key to execute the command. For the change to take effect across all packages, restart your Mac. Open How do I prevent Virtual Office notifications from displaying on my pc’s lock display screen? If you need to save you Virtual Office notifications from acting at the lock. Display screen of your computer on Windows 10 or Mac. You can disable lock screen notifications for the app for your pc’s system preferences. On Windows, converting notification lock display settings from your device possibilities affects all your packages in addition to the Virtual Office computing device app. To disable lock display screen notifications on Windows 10:

To Disable Notifications on Mac

On your Mac, go to System Preferences > Notifications. In the listing of programs, choose 8×8 – Virtual Office. With the Virtual Office computing device app decided. On clear the check field next to the choice to expose  916 area code notifications to your lock display. The putting takes impact right away. Virtual Office Online Opening App.

Basically, what happens if I’m strolling a previous version of the Virtual Office desktop app? Depending on whilst your version of the Virtual Office laptop app reaches its stop-of-life date. You get hold of a unique message upon commencing the app. If your model’s stop-of-life date is weeks or fewer away. You notice a banner notification that suggests the upcoming end-of-existence date.

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