VoIP Phones

VoIP Phones

Ace Peak Investment is proud to announce the discharge of 3 new VoIP Phones models. The Ace Peak Investment Deskphone (and the Panasonic UT123 Deskphone) and the Panasonic UT 550B Desk & Un Phone (each cordless Phone) are available. Ace Peak Investment, a worldwide chief in enterprise communications, has launched an extended record describing the maximum superior telephony devices. Designed to complement your gift communication infrastructures.

VoIP Phones

Panasonic phones are ideal for home, workplace, and enterprise environments, imparting an excellent voice satisfactory and a wide range of productivity-boosting options, all in feature-wealthy table telephone replacements. Moreover, they assist you in communicating with your commercial enterprise partners in the maximum green manner feasible, thanks to their flexibility and functionality.

The UT 113 & UT 123 desktop phones are terrific alternatives for almost all computer systems. Both deskphones feature massive virtual displays, excessive best speakerphones, and hold mute and different buttons. They are most comparable in that the UT 123 consists of an Ethernet pass via an Ethernet port which allows a good way to “daisy-chain” or connect with another Ethernet tool. Ethernet connects VoIP cellphone traces to the Internet. One Ethernet port can be sufficient in a few workplaces.


In addition, the UT 123 allows your cellphone to be plugged into an Ethernet port in the wall. This removes having to run every other Ethernet line into your job place. TGP 550B Desk & Wireless Phone – that is an exquisite hobby. The set consists of a desk phone that you might use maximum productively and a handheld, cordless handset you can effortlessly take to your trips around the workplace. Both include general competencies like Bluetooth, virtual suggestions, backlit, and speakerphones.

The complete list can regarded on our website. For further info, please get in touch with us at option 1. All the telephones in this listing are available on however the market. Panasonic SIP cellphones provide a cost-effective, reliable solution for small-scale organizations. That use the modern Hosted/Open Source era to generate PBX. Ace Peak Investment shipping notices are an effective manner to keep your commercial agency at the forefront of communications. Ace Peak Investment Curbside Pickup permits clients to vicinity orders online and in-shop. To place it mildly: We’re glad.

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