Can I keep my existing telephone number When porting to Pure VoIP

Can I keep my existing telephone number When porting to Pure VoIP

Pure VoIP may be used from any region within the globe. If your telephone is Fibre or Fixed, you will first need to port it to Pure VoIP. Next, you may need to cancel your current landline rental. Pure VoIP will assist you in porting any present South African landline cellphone range. Pure VoIP can’t transferred to numbers that start with 01, 02, 03, 03, and 04. No cellular numbers or 086/087 number. Pure VoIP can not ported to any geographic South African number beginning with Mobile numbers that can not be transferred to Pure VoIP.

When porting to Pure VoIP

If you are attempting to port a landline variety to VoIP and feature DSL net get right of entry to that line, it will be necessary to cancel the DSL provider. It is better to sign up for a VoIP service than porting if you no longer want to cancel your DSL. A VoIP provider can transferred to most cellphone numbers. It’s a terrific idea to do this so that your contacts do not have a new quantity. VoIP entails switching cellphone carrier providers and converting smartphone numbers. Is it possible to preserve your current landline PSTN line while using VoIP? Are you capable of holding your cutting-edge smartphone quantity with your VoIP carrier?

Yes. With the new VoIP, you can carry your present range (internet telephone telephony). There are barriers. This function constantly supplied for gratis. VoIP corporations occasionally fee prices to port numbers. There are viable options: one-time payments or month-to-month costs. As long as you retain the transportable variety, the fee can paid. It is essential to discuss the portability of quantity with your issuer. You can also consist of the eventual charge into your fee-making plans.


Porting various may not be the most straightforward fee you a charge but also result in a few regulations. For example, you cannot use positive functions supplied by the brand new service. This is authentic for features related to their variety, which can frequently be provided free of fee with brand new software. To keep away from this dilemma, you should purchase a second line that consists of their ported numbers. This will let you access all the new service functions while still being to apply your existing line.

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