How to reset the Yealink VoIP phone

How to reset the Yealink VoIP phone

How to reset the Yealink VoIP phone internet site is’ admin. ‘ This password is not cozy, so it is encouraged that you trade it for something extra at ease. If you enjoy software blunders or lose your password, you could need to reset your complete cellphone. Resetting the telephone to manufacturing unit settings will reset it and require reconfiguration. If you are sure that you want to reset your device, click the OK button.

How to reset the Yealink VoIP phone

This manual will show you how to factory reset and car-provision your Yealink smartphone. Let’s first set up your Yealink to default settings. Once you’ve determined it, you may enter it into your internet browser URL like you will an internet site deal with. Next, the Manufacturer interface has to appear on your tool’s screen. Then, factory reset your device. The steps for manufacturing unit resetting a cellphone vary depending on the model.

Please note that this could erase all your existing settings. Next, find the IP address of your tool and input it into your web browser. The IP deal can be located in maximum telephone settings. Look for “Status” or “Network” to find it. Click “Auto provision now” at the bottom. The cellphone will automatically reboot and pull configuration. You can also see the telephone reboot numerous times.


If it does not restart after 10 minutes, it’s far however secure to keep its usage. To retain, however press OK. To cancel, press Cancel. Please do now not power off your tool during the reset length. It ought to reason severe harm to your device. This whole procedure can take numerous minutes. Wait. The tool will then return to the manufacturing unit default. It suggested that you exchange the default password for the Yealink Phone to greater comfy.

If you revel in software errors or lose your password, you could want to reset your whole phone. But, first, you may want to get the IP to cope with your Yealink Desk telephone by following the steps beneath. To login to the Yealink internet interface, please however input the person call and password “admin” in lowercase. You can also need to search however the net for “Factory reset [Phone model].” If your tool is not indexed, this can give you a choice to do a brief search.

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