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The company is a decade-old and has been growing steadily since its inception. It’s not surprising that we’re rated as one of the best companies in their field, with an impressive list going on just about every sector imaginable – including voice termination services!

Ace Peak Investment ( Ace Peak)  is a company that has been around for years and we have connections with major mobile operators all over the world as well as many smaller companies joining us on an everyday basis from their online portals. 
We have the perfect solution for you if you’re looking to get CC routes and wholesale VoIP termination service. You can also use our advanced API integration or just go with CLI route services. We get that these services are really important for our customers and more importantly, they should be disruption-free. That’s why we always try our best to provide the very best service possible.
The team at Ace Peak is committed to helping you save money on your business communications needs. We offer the most competitive rates in our industry and provide top-notch Quality Routes and Technology, so we can be sure that no matter what type of VoIP service or number set up project comes into us for wholesale pricing – whether it’s just one number with a few lines or hundreds of numbers with thousands of lines.

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If you want to give your business the competitive edge, our wholesale VoIP numbers are perfect for boosting employee productivity. Our virtual phone service will keep them connected no matter where they work or what device is being used!

You can't afford to ignore our industry-leading rates and service. We have a team of telecom professionals who are ready for you 24/7, 365 days a year! Contact us today so we could help modernise your business communications needs with telecom solutions at competitive prices that won’t break the bank in this tough economy.

With our SMS API, your customers will never miss a message again! You can be certain that their messages are delivered instantly and with complete reliability. Not only do we offer this for free but also take care of all the technical aspects so you don't need to worry about anything else than running your business as usual.

We guarantee you the best service for the aforementioned sectors. There is no compromise with the smooth services. If you want your customers to be able to view your phone number and answer your call or call you back, then you should buy our service. Our CLI route service ensures that each of the calls will be displayed to the receiver properly. That will increase your potential of making a good business.

VoIP termination is our business and we're the best at it! We offer competitive rates that will save you money on communications needs. Setup a free trial to learn more about CC Routes, VOIP Termination Services including Cloud PBX for your company's headquarters or wherever employees need access from anywhere in minutes instead of days with WIFI hotspots now being common place these days too many businesses don't take advantage because we think their users should just deal with slowdowns during peak hours but not anymore.

Sip trunk international calls

We take care of everything, so you don’t have to! We offer affordable services for any size business. There are no hidden fees and our team is always monitoring the issues that may be seen by users in order to provide quality service-which means faster response times than ever before plus vast community expertise when it comes time to integrate latest technologies into the system.

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Wholesale Voice

A Wholesale Voice administration is a significant limited telephone administration comprising a vast voice circuit or various circuits. Discount Voice is utilised by organisations occupied with broadcast communications to give neighbourhood, a considerable distance, DID, complementary, or global voice administration just as different applications including video conferencing, fax, and dial-up.

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DID Service

Direct Inward Dialling (DID) is a telephone utility that permits a telephone number to ring through legitimately to a particular telephone at a business as opposed to heading off to a menu or a line and expecting to dial an expansion. A telephone number that is used like this is regularly called a “DID” (and countless numbers are designated “DIDs”). DIDs works comparatively as a VoIP communication. To permit PSTN clients to reach VoIP clients straightforwardly, DID numbers are relegated to a door. The entryway interfaces the PSTN (open exchanged phone organise) to the VoIP arrange, steering and deciphering calls between the two systems for the VoIP client. Calls from the PSTN will be coordinated to the VoIP client who holds the related DID number.

International Top-Up

A little means a lot, with the Ace Peak Investment. We are here to improve the nature of individuals’ lives by keeping organisations, families and companions associated all over the world, and we’re focused on making things necessary for our clients. Follow our brisk, protected and secure broadcast appointment revive measure covering more than 450 worldwide broadcast appointment systems to remain associated. We measure more than 5 million international top-ups to be paid ahead of time or pay more only as costs arise every month – that is more than 8,000 every hour! Purchase and send through our global energise administration, including effective portable systems.

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Bulk SMS

Ace Peak Investment arms corporate customers with the intensity of sending mass SMS. You can send messages to lakhs of individuals having a place with various client bunches like – customers, clients, workers and colleagues. High comfort level, least deferrals, no bottlenecks, the simple joining of API, customization prospects, and modest cost are some charming highlights which make Bulk SMS Gateway the best Bulk SMS API Service Provider in different urban communities of India. Our straightforward API or administrator board consolidates each component which is expected to accelerate informing and related cycles.

Cloud PBX

A private branch trade (PBX) framework is a business-grade phone arrange that empowers correspondence both inside and outside your association. A business telephone framework is not the same as private or cell benefits in that it has extra help contributions, which commonly incorporate call conferencing, expansion dialling, business-hour settings to course off-hour calls, the client holding up lines and hold music. Cloud PBX, otherwise called facilitated PBX or virtual PBX, is an IP-based PBX arrangement that is given and gotten to totally through the web. Rather than facilitating programming on a worker how computerised frameworks do, cloud PBX has all product and information in the cloud.

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Cloud Contact Center

Cloud-based contact center software has all the highlights to proficiently deal with your inbound, outbound or a blend client call focus. Begin in almost no time, and scale as you wish! Not any more battling with the deficiencies of customary frameworks like EPABX. A cloud contact focus programming empowers organisations to do their client correspondences (calls, SMS) over the web, without the requirement for an on-prem PBX telephone framework. It is simpler to set up and keep up, cost-productive and gives organisations more control and permeability into their activities.

Call Center Solutions

Call Center solutions empower the organisation to deal with client corporations. Generally, call focus client assistance arrangements has been likened with just voice collaborations. Be that as it may, as time advanced, the clients have proceeded onward from only voice calls to another method of correspondence. With considering focus arrangements, the operators can put active markets, handle approaching needs, track key call community measurements, perform workforce the executives, and transfer robotized contents. The clients are not any more reliant on only one channel to arrive at the client service. There are a lot of alternatives available – live talk, online media, email, among others. Having an omnichannel contact focus programming guarantees consumer loyalty and improve the degree of client commitment.

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Calling Card

The calling card is just a prepaid technique permitting end-clients to make long-distance (domestic and global) gets at ostensible rates. Prior, the calling choices were not many, and the calling cards were not progressed as it is presently. With the advances in VOIP innovation, Calling Card Solutions improvement is something beyond a streamlined calling arrangement. There is an incredible number of calling alternatives, giving getting card suppliers a decision to pick the best one that expands his business benefit. A financially savvy and surprising calling card stage offers an extensive prepaid Calling Card Solution Development helping you offer first-rate calling card answers for your sellers, affiliates, endorsers that can be allocated practically or genuinely over the web. It allows you to track and screen significant distance call traffic from various transporters and systems.

VoIP Switch

Voice over IP (VoIP) has become a standard innovation. Today, the inquiry for organisations of any size is no longer whether to change to VoIP, however, when. The most significant factor that has moved VoIP into the standard is the improved nature of administration (QoS). Organisations that have kept down in light of VoIP’s initial notoriety for helpless voice quality no longer should be worried that significant exchanges, (for example, discussions with clients) will be blocked by low quality. The present arrangements with improved QoS convey an expert encounter and a positive impression of your organisation.

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