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Ace Peak Investment provides international wholesale VoIP solution. We mainly do business in CC Routes and CC CLI Routes for Canada CC Routes, US CC route, UK CC Route, Singapore CC Route, and many more. We provide optimised network for wholesale termination on a high volume of cc routes traffic. We use top-grade Route Trust platform, and it allows to provide dedicated port capacity with steady handling low Average call Duration (ACD) and the high volume of Call Per Second (CPS) rates, which is generally required for CC traffic or Call center traffic.

Canada CC Routes - Ace Peak Investment

Why Ace Peak Investment?

Ace Peak Investment dedicated account manager and engineers, who can instantly check the excellent quality CLI call center routes for the particular required parameters. We keep great importance to satisfying our customers only with the best-quality call center routes on competitive rates on the market. This is the reason why we keep pay at a particular time and also choose a simple way to approach with each of our customers.


We do not make commitments for minimum monthly traffic; also, we never have any penalties or charges for lower ACD or lower volumes of traffic.


Our measure and the well-developed system can control or manage CC traffic in high volume. We know how does call center in-out, also we do cooperate with each of our clients to guarantee them that they get routes as per their requirement.

Dedicated Routing

Ace Peak Investment proposes an individual routing plan for each destination CC traffic and taking calls by high CPS rates and low ACD. We never use regular routes or call center routes.

Offering Top Destination CC Routes

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