Ace Peak Investment

HIPAA Compliance

Acepeak Investment understands how important it can be to give customers peace of mind that their data is safe. Our cloud communications platform uses the most reliable and up-to-date technology to protect your organization’s data.

What is HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (also known as HIPAA) is a US federal law that protects patient health information (“PHI”) without patient consent. Any company that handles any type of PHI should ensure that security protocols are in place.

Who is HIPAA applicable to?

HIPAA is applicable to Covered Entities as well as the business associates that provide services to them or process or handle ePHI/PHI. HIPAA-covered entities require business associates to sign a HIPAA-compliant business associate agreement (“BAA”), which details the HIPAA Rules the business associate must follow.

Is Acepeak Investment able to offer a business associate arrangement?

If you are a Covered entity and Acepeak Investment is handling or processing e-PHI then Acepeak Investment provides a BAA at the service’s start. Call recordings that contain PHI can be stored externally and managed on your own secure server. Customers who use Amazon Web Services (AWS), have this flexible solution. Soon, SFTP will be available. Find out how easy it can be to store call recordings externally using our call recording storage system.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How can Acepeak Investment connect to my external server?

    After you have enabled external storage on the Acepeak Investment platform you will need to connect. Enter your bucket name, Access Key ID and Security Access Key provided by A2P.

  • 2. Do recordings get automatically transferred to my server?

    Yes. Once you enable external storage and connect successfully, recordings will transfer to your secure server.

  • 3. What happens if a user tries to playback a recorded recording?

    Your server console can manage access permissions to recordings stored on an external server.

  • 4. Will recordings be saved to Acepeak Investment if I enable external storage?

    Customers have the option of retaining recordings, both internally and externally. Administrators can turn on or off Acepeak Investment local storage and decide how long they should be kept.

  • 5. What length of time are these recordings kept?

    You can manage the retention of external recordings from your server console. When call recording is enabled, customers can define their own local data retention policies. Acepeak Investment offers the option to retain data for 30 Days.

  • 6. Is it safe to transfer recordings?

    A2P uses HTTPS for secure communication and can control the level of encryption. SFTP uses TLS to protect the communication path, making it a secure way of transferring and storing files remotely.