International Hubbing

SMS international hubbing facilitates the expansion of international SMS services and was initially introduced in 2006 as part of the Open Connectivity project. It plays a crucial role in enhancing global mobile interoperability by establishing intermediary hubs for SMS traffic and ensuring broader coverage for SMS messages. The framework for international SMS interoperability was developed by GSMA, in collaboration with the formulation of requirements and standards for SMS hubs. This framework guarantees that every subscriber can send SMS messages to other subscribers, regardless of the country, mobile network, number of subscribers, or the operator’s level of development.

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Prominent Features

Support for multiple protocols

Ace Peak Investment SMS international hubbing solution is designed to accommodate various messaging protocols, allowing seamless communication across different networks and systems.

Compatibility with legacy servers

Our SMS international hubbing system ensures smooth integration with existing legacy servers, enabling efficient communication and interoperability with older infrastructure.

Mobile Number Portability

Ace Peak Investment's SMS international hubbing solution enables seamless transfer of mobile numbers between different operators or networks, ensuring uninterrupted SMS services for subscribers even when switching providers.

Compliance with Do-Not-Disturb (DnD) regulations

Our SMS international hubbing solution is fully compliant with Do-Not-Disturb regulations, respecting the preferences of subscribers who opt out of receiving promotional or unsolicited messages.

Postpaid/Prepaid billing options

With our SMS hubbing solution, Ace Peak Investment provides flexible billing options, allowing operators to implement both postpaid and prepaid billing models for SMS services, catering to the diverse needs of subscribers.

Comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) reporting

Ace Peak Investment's SMS hubbing solution includes a robust Management Information System (MIS) that offers detailed reports and analytics, providing operators with valuable insights into SMS traffic, subscriber usage patterns, and other key metrics for effective management and decision-making.