Wholesale Voice

Trusted voice partner for the world’s largest carriers, mobile operators and service providers.Global network with high performance and reliability. Cost effective solutions to meet your voice needs

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Your Ideal wholesale voice partner

We are a wholesale voice partner that can provide your business with an always-on, quality-first voice service.
We provide a variety of voice services so you can find the perfect one for your business
Our network of carriers provides you with connectivity to any location in the world.
Increase your product offering without any additional setup costs & easily connect with new buyers and expand into new markets.

Wholesale Voice Solutions

International Voice Termination

Reduced latency and jitter for crystal clear voice quality seamless handoffs between cellular and Wi-Fi networks, robust connections even in challenging environments.

Worldwide Inbound Services

Save up to 70% on calls to mobiles and landlines worldwide. Connect with friends and family around the globe without breaking the bank.Superb voice quality, with no drops or echoes.

Anti Fraud Service

Protection from voice fraud in real-time, without interrupting service. Non-intrusive protection does not slow down or interrupt the customer experience. Customizable rules and filters to detect types of voice fraud

Reasons to choose Console Connect

Console Connect has invested significantly in our quality infrastructure to ensure that voice traffic is terminated flawlessly, every time.

A single connection for voice, data application and value added services over our global MPLS backbone

Easily expand into new markets with no additional setup costs, saving you time and money.

Access to networks in Africa, America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East

Console Connect offers a single point of contact to eliminate the need to establish multiple direct interconnects worldwide.

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