Bulk SMS

Stay connected with all those who matter most; whether you need to promote a new product launch or inform them of upcoming events, our bulk SMS service will help ensure that they’re always kept in the know. Plus, since our system is highly reliable and secure, you can be sure that your messages will never go astray.

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What does bulk SMS service mean?

With bulk SMS, you can instantly send messages to multiple end-users with just one click. No need to manually type in each recipient every time. It is perfect for those who want an efficient and hassle-free way of staying in touch with their customers.

Additionally, It’s really easy to set up; just choose a package most suitable for your needs, determine the kind of message you’d like to send, add or upload contacts into groups and subgroups, customize the content according to what you’d like to broadcast, and lastly use our tracking feature that’ll help keep a log about each message sent.

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Why choose Acepeak bulk SMS service?

Acepeak bulk SMS provides various services to meet your specific business needs. Our packages have affordable rates that scale so you can optimize your budget while still taking advantage of the many helpful features we provide. From simple contact management to comprehensive scheduling capabilities, we have everything needed to get your message across quickly and accurately.

Different types of bulk SMS


Promotional SMS

Promotional SMSs are great for promoting any product or service you offer and creating new leads and opportunities. We offer various customization options so you can create the perfect message for your business and make sure it reaches the widest possible audience while improving brand loyalty with mobile messages.


Transactional SMS

With our Transactional SMS offering, we send instant notifications of delivery updates on any kind of business transaction by an authorized source like payment box or shipment status turns ‘on-the-go.’ No need to worry about network congestion or message latency, as we ensure reliable delivery times
every time.



Our OTP SMS feature ensures secure transactions with one-time passwords and confirmations sent via users' mobiles, giving them greater privacy and security. You can even create one-time passwords (OTPs) when users access sensitive information from their accounts, giving them an extra layer of protection and ensuring their data stays protected.

The Advantages of Using Acepeak Bulk SMS Platform


Rapid delivery

Our platform offers lightning-fast delivery times for your text messages; as soon as you press “send,” rest assured that your messages will get where they need to go quickly and efficiently.



With our options for scaling up or down on our platform, you can easily adjust your capacity to broadcast numerous messages simultaneously or send one-on-one messages at any time.



Don't bother with manual processes anymore; automate routine activities easily and set up triggered messaging functions so that no opportunity is missed.

Cloud integration

Our all-encompassing cloud management system integrates seamlessly with various devices and platforms, ensuring effortless communication.


Manageable costs

Don't break the bank on communication costs anymore; we offer cost-effective bulk message procedures to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Robust reporting system

Keep track of your campaigns using our powerful reporting dashboard, which shows key insights in real-time, allowing you to monitor campaign performance from start to finish.


Message preview test feature

Ensure all communication pieces are consistently professional by previewing them before sending a message and ensuring accuracy throughout the process.

Security features

Your data is secure with us as all communication runs through the HTTPS protocol encryption and authentication process.

Globally optimized

Send messages worldwide in multiple languages, whichever is most suitable for each target audience.

How Can You Engage Customers Using Bulk SMS Messaging?

With bulk SMS messaging, you can promote your products, foster relationships with customers, and make long-lasting impressions.

Here’s what Acepeak Bulk SMS offers:

Promotions and Discounts

Send out exclusive promotions and discounts to customers via bulk SMS. This can encourage customers to make a purchase or engage with your brand.


Use bulk SMS to send reminders to customers about upcoming sales, events, or appointments. This can help improve attendance and increase customer engagement.

Surveys and Feedback

Use bulk SMS to send surveys and feedback requests to customers. This can help you gather valuable insights and feedback that can be used to improve your products and services.

Personalized Messages

Use customer data to personalize your bulk SMS messages. This can help increase engagement and make customers feel valued and appreciated.

Customer Support

Use bulk SMS to provide customer support and answer customer questions. This can help improve customer satisfaction and build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Event invitations

Use SMS messaging to invite customers to special events or launches, such as new product releases, store openings, or webinars. This can help build excitement and anticipation around the event