Mobile call center

Our mobile call center solution will take your customer service to the next level. Our advanced technology allows you to handle customer inquiries quickly and efficiently, no matter where you are.

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What is a mobile call center?

A mobile call center is designed to allow agents to work remotely, typically using their mobile devices. They can include smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Mobile call centers use cloud-based technology that enables agents to access the call center software and tools remotely as they are in an office.

The main advantage of mobile call centers is that they enable businesses to provide more flexible working arrangements for their agents, leading to improved employee satisfaction and retention. Mobile call centers also offer more flexibility in terms of location, as agents can work from anywhere, which can be helpful for businesses with multiple locations or that want to expand their reach.

How does a mobile call center work?

A mobile call center uses cloud-based technology to connect agents to the call center’s phone system and software remotely. Agents can use their mobile devices, such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets, to access the call center’s software and tools through an internet connection.

Here’s an overview of how the process typically works:

Agents download a mobile call center app or software on their personal mobile devices.

Calls are routed to the agents' mobile devices, just like if the agent were working in an office.

Agents can access the call center's database and other resources through the app or software and update customer information in real time.

Agents login to the app or software which allows them to access the phone system and remotely.

Agents use the call center's software and tools, such as call routing, call recording.

Agents can also access and use different communication channels such as chat, email, social media, and video calls through the app or software.

The process allows the agents to work remotely while still having access to the same resources and tools they would have if they were working in an office.

Features offered by Acepeak

Remote working capabilities:

Allows agents to work from anywhere, using their own personal mobile devices.

Call routing:

Allows calls to be directed to the right agent based on availability, skill set, or other factors.

CRM integration:

Enables agents to access customer information and data in real time and update it accordingly.

Remote working capabilities:

Allows agents to work from anywhere, using their own personal mobile devices.

Advanced analytics and reporting:

It provides real-time insights into call center performance, including call volume, wait times, and agent productivity.

Cloud-based technology:

Enables agents to access the call center's phone system and internet connection.

Call recording:

Allows calls for quality assurance, training, or compliance purposes.

Multi-channel support:

Allows agents to access and video calls through the app or software.


Ensures that all data and communications are secure and compliant with industry regulations and best practices.

Some mobile call center software might have additional features such as automatic call distribution, automatic call back, IVR, etc.

How can Acepeak help you?

Acepeak can help you manage your mobile call center by providing a range of features. These features can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your call center operations. Acepeak also offers analytics and reporting tools to help you track performance and make data-driven decisions about your call center.