VoIP Termination

SIP Trunk Termination is a type of telecommunications service that provides the ability to connect voice over IP (VoIP) calls from the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to a VoIP network such as an IP PBX. Through the use of a VoIP gateway, SIP Trunk Termination enables organizations to access multiple PSTN lines over a single physical connection, provide direct inward dialling service, and make outbound calls that appear to originate from local area codes.
SIP Trunk Termination services offer organizations scalability, cost savings, and improved voice quality compared to traditional analogue phone lines, allowing for increased efficiency, productivity, and customer service.
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Highly Trusted & Flexible, outgoing services

Lower your telecom expenses with our flexible and reliable VoIP termination services. Enjoy clear voice quality on all calls, regardless of where they originate or terminate. Quickly scale your business operations up or down as needed without penalty fees.

Save money on outbound services with access to wholesale pricing. Tailor your service to meet your specific needs. Get highly reliable, flexible service that is always up and running.

International Coverage Designed for your needs

Save up to 95% on international calls with Ace peak virtual numbers. No contracts, no monthly fees, and no hidden charges are included. It is an incredibly easy-to-use online portal with instant activation. Get real-time online reports of your call activity.

Give a personal touch to offering while protecting your network

Keep your network safe while still being able to personalize your offering.

Limit your liability with customizable spend limits and the ability to activate/deactivate international termination on a per-trunk basis. Have peace of mind knowing that our robust security measures protect you.


Limit your traffic

Control the amount of outbound traffic you send & get higher response rates and more leads. Send only qualified leads to your sales team & tailor your campaigns to specific demographics.


Cost Efficient

Save up to 95% on your international calls. There are no contracts, no monthly fees, and no hidden charges. In addition, it has an exceptionally easy-to-use online interface.


Hassle-Free Usage

No minimums or volume commitments, so you don’t need to worry about spreading your traffic. Pay for what you use, so you can scale up and down as needed. Quick activation so that you can get started right away.



Allows for detailed and customized reports for your account & information can be tailored to meet your specific needs. It helps to generate reports quickly and easily & provides accurate and up-to-date data.


Cloud Technology

Continued innovation in cloud-based communications. A full suite of cloud services that are CPaaS enabled. Operated and controlled network for added security and reliability.


Aggressive Rates to take over businesses

Wholesale rates for business customers & no long-term contract or commitment. Keep your existing phone service and hardware. Add our service with no changes to your network or equipment.


Made for specialized traffic

 Pioneers in the Development of SIP-based Contact Centers. 30 Years of Experience in the Telecommunications Industry. Robust Feature Set and Scalability to Grow With Your Business.


The perfect fit

Eliminate the need for on-premise PBX hardware. Enjoy easy provisioning and SMS messaging with Switchvox UC. Keep your communications architecture simple and streamlined. Achieve carrier-grade call quality with VI Communication Services.


We know what suits you the best

Access to a team of experts in outbound termination services & get recommendations and support for your campaigns. Enjoy quick response time for customer support.