Elevate Your Business with a Custom Vanity Number

What is a Vanity Number

A vanity number is a unique and memorable phone number that businesses use to enhance their brand image and create a distinctive identity. It consists of a sequence of digits that align with your business name or a relevant keyword, making it easier for customers to remember and recognize your company.

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The procedure to get a Vanity Number

Getting a vanity number with Acepeak is a simple and efficient process. Follow these steps to acquire a toll-free number that reflects your brand:


Select a Number

Acepeak provides a comprehensive database of available numbers. Choose a toll-free number with a sequence of digits that resonates with your business and aligns with your branding goals.


Select a plan

Benefit from expert assistance and resources when selecting your plan. Acepeak offers flexible monthly payment options, enabling you to budget effectively for your business’s growth and success.


Kick Start now

Once you’ve chosen your desired number and plan, you’ll receive an actual phone number that can be used immediately for your business. Additionally, you have the option to port your existing phone number, streamlining the process and minimizing disruptions.

Reasons to Use a Vanity Number

Using a vanity number for your business offers numerous advantages that contribute to its success and growth. Here are some key benefits:

Enhanced Brand Recognition

A vanity number helps your business stand out and become more recognizable among customers. It creates a strong association between your brand and the unique phone number, making it easier for people to recall and contact your business.

Professionalism and Stature

Having a vanity number adds a level of professionalism and stature to your business. It conveys the impression that your company is established, reliable, and customer-oriented. This perception can positively influence potential clients and contribute to building trust and credibility.

Increased Memorability

Vanity numbers are easy to remember, increasing the likelihood that potential clients will reach out to your business. By providing a memorable contact point, you can attract more inquiries, drive customer engagement, and expand your market reach.

Brand Identity Building

A vanity number aligns with your branding efforts, allowing you to build a cohesive brand identity across various marketing channels. It reinforces your business's unique selling propositions and helps differentiate
it from competitors.

Essential Features for a Successful Business

When you choose Acepeak for your vanity toll-free number, you gain access to a range of essential features that empower your business and improve communication with customers. These features include:

Business Texting

Utilize your business number to send and get text messages

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international VoIP

Tailor Made Greetings

Create custom greetings using an auto attendant

Mobile Apps

Stay connected and productive on the go with Acepeak's mobile app.

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Some Important Ace Peak Features

VoIP / Wifi Calling

Keep your conversations going in areas with bad cell reception.


Voicemail for business calls provides an extra layer of security by screening calls before you answer them.

Call Forwarding

Enjoy an accessible call forwarding facility and dont miss any important calls.


Voicemails are transcribed quickly and accurately so you can get the information you need as soon as possible.

Virtual Fax

Avoid the clutter and mess of a physical fax machine & get your faxes sent to you instantly, without waiting.

Simultaneous Call Handling

Voicemail for business calls provides an extra layer of security by screening calls before you answer them.


Can I get a Vanity Phone Number?

Yes, Acepeak provides vanity phone numbers that can be customized to align with your business name or relevant keywords.

Can I send and receive text messages with Vanity Number?

Absolutely! Acepeak offers business texting services, allowing you to send and receive text messages using your vanity number.

Can I port my vanity numbers?

Yes, Acepeak supports number porting, making it convenient to transfer your existing vanity numbers to their services.

What are the advantages of using a vanity phone number?

Vanity numbers enhance your brand recognition, improve memorability, and contribute to a professional image for your business. They increase the chances of potential clients reaching out and help you tap into new markets efficiently.

What are the advantages of using Acepeak's Vanity Toll-Free Numbers?

Acepeak’s Vanity Toll-Free Numbers provide several advantages for your business. They enhance brand recognition, making your business more memorable and easily identifiable. Vanity Numbers also add a professional touch to your communication, giving your business a credible and established image. Moreover, Acepeak offers a range of essential features such as call forwarding, voicemail transcription, business texting, and more, enabling you to streamline your communication and improve business efficiency.