Vanity Toll-Free Number

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The meaning of a Vanity Number

Companies use vanity numbers to enhance their brand image of the company. Have a unique phone number to help you improve your brand image. It is easy to remember and, promotes your business & increases efficiency.

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The procedure to get a Vanity Number

Get a toll-free number with your favorite sequence of digits. Give your business a professional image to help create a broad customer base. 


Select a Number

Increase brand recognition and create a unique identity with a custom vanity number. Quickly find available numbers in the Pick a Number Database.


Select a plan

Get access to expert help and resources while choosing your plan. Having monthly payment plans make it easy to budget for your business growth.


Kick Start now

Get an actual phone number that you can use for your business. You also can port your phone number, which will help speed up the process.

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The reasons to use a vanity number

A vanity number will make your business more recognizable and memorable. It can give your company an added level of professionalism and stature. Vanity numbers are perfect for businesses that want to build their brand identity. Toll-free numbers are easy to remember, increasing the chances that potential clients will call your business. This will help you to tap the new market in a brief period. 

Get Started Instantly

Get started immediately. There is no need to wait for delivery. Log in from anywhere; our software is cloud-based and accessible on any device. Have unlimited customer support during your free trial period.

Get Started with your Vanity Number Now

Essential features for a successful business. 

Business Texting

Utilize your business number to send and get text messages

Cell Administrations Are Adaptable

Tailor Made Greetings

Generate a Tailor Made Business Greetings

Mobile Apps

Continuously work your business

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A higher phone system for small business

Have a professional phone number that is perfect for your business growth and expansions. Get a custom phone number that matches your business name and branding. Please stay connected with customers while on the go with our mobile app.

The features which are offered by Ace Peak numbers

Some Important Ace Peak Features

Laptop + Mobile Apps

Stay productive on the go with our mobile app. Sync your work across devices for seamless continuity.

Business Texting

Keep customers updated on your latest specials, deals, and products via text message.

Call Forwarding

Enjoy an accessible call forwarding facility and dont miss any important calls.


Voicemails are transcribed quickly and accurately so you can get the information you need as soon as possible.

VoIP / Wifi Calling

Keep your conversations going in areas with bad cell reception.


Voicemail for business calls provides an extra layer of security by screening calls before you answer them.

Simultaneous Call Handling

Voicemail for business calls provides an extra layer of security by screening calls before you answer them.

Virtual Fax

Avoid the clutter and mess of a physical fax machine & get your faxes sent to you instantly, without waiting.


Departmentalize by giving each employee or division their virtual fax number and set forwarding rules specific to them.

Tailor Made Greetings

Record custom greetings for your customers to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Incoming Call Control

Protect your privacy by screening calls and blocking numbers you don't want to speak to.

Transfer of calls

Keep your customers on hold with music or custom messages. Transfer customers to other departments or branches with the click of a button.


Get real-time insights into how your business is performing. Spot trends and issues before they become more significant problems.

Business Phone Numbers

Get a local, toll-free, or vanity number in seconds & select a number that fits your business and area code.

Quick Response

Instant Response will automatically send a text to the caller, letting them know you'll get back to them as soon as possible.


Gain a local presence with a familiar phone number. Maximize your reach with both a local and toll-free number. Increase your brand awareness by providing an easy way for customers to contact you. Keep your business growing with a powerful communication tool.

Send and receive text messages from your customers in the US & connect with more customers through two-way SMS communication.

Yes, it is possible to port vanity numbers with the help of Ace Peak.

Easily remembered numbers are great for customer retention. Vanity and toll-free numbers are ideal for businesses that want to make a big impression.