Empowering Global Businesses with Innovative Solutions

Ace Peak Investment, a prominent player in the financial technology (Fintech) and telecommunications sectors, offers a wide range of innovative solutions through its technology division, Panamax. With a strong focus on empowering businesses globally, Ace Peak Investment serves millions of users with its proven suite of Fintech, switching, transaction, and service management solutions.



Panamax, our technology division, combines the best of concept ideation, optimization, performance enhancement, and configuration to deliver robust and comprehensive product suites. These suites have been instrumental in enabling service providers, resellers, and content providers to enhance communication and mobile financial services, thus driving growth in the industry.

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Fintech Solutions

Ace Peak Investment’s Fintech solutions have gained significant traction among major organizations worldwide, playing a pivotal role in promoting financial inclusion. Our solutions enable corporates, financial institutions, operators, aggregators, and merchants to offer innovative and customer-centric services. We take pride in providing secure, state-of-the-art, and scalable solutions built on an advanced industry platform that ensures uncompromised security. Our Fintech solutions are divided into two primary categories.

Telecom Solutions

Ace Peak Investment’s telecom solutions cater to the diverse business needs of telecom operators, service providers, aggregators, and more. Our comprehensive range of solutions includes switching, unified billing, revenue assurance, fraud management, traffic monitoring, and other advanced offerings that help monetize customer needs. We follow an agile and flexible delivery model, certified by the industry, to ensure efficient and cost-effective deployment of services.
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Professional Services

Ace Peak Investment’s professional services are designed to meet the evolving requirements of our customers. We adopt a practical approach to assist businesses in building agile and efficient IT infrastructures that are reliable, secure, and easily accessible. Panamax helps clients identify their core business needs and offers cost-effective consulting services to help them achieve their goals. Our professional services encompass

Consultancy Services

We provide expert guidance and advice on various aspects of technology, operations, and business strategies to optimize performance and drive growth.

Project Management

We offer project management expertise to ensure the smooth implementation of solutions and efficient delivery of services.

System Integration

Our team specializes in integrating various systems and technologies to create a unified and seamless infrastructure.

Training and Support

We provide comprehensive training programs and ongoing support to enable our clients to effectively utilize our solutions.

Ace Peak Investment is committed to delivering innovative and cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses in the telecommunications and Fintech industries. With our extensive resources in research and development, marketing, and support, we strive to be a trusted partner for our customers worldwide.